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All Sizzle, The Best Price And No Steak

October 31st, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Business Intelligence | ERP | Payroll | Talent Management | Time and Attendance System

So your company has decided that it needs to automate its business management process. Everyone is excited that finally, the manual tasks will be gone. So, a steering committee is selected and someone out of that group is given the task of being the project leader.

Next you jot down your list of requirements and go about contacting vendors to provide a demonstration. Your list of requirements includes things like:

  • Automate the vacation request of employees throughout the organization
  • Employee biometric time clocks for all locations
  • Real-time business intelligence data gathering
  • Data integration to your current; talent management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources software (HR), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and payroll software
  • Track and manage overtime, premium hours and statutory holidays
  • Job costing and labour allocation functionality
  • Ease-of-use for functional users

After several weeks of viewing products by various vendors, the flashy presentations are the ones that remain on everyone’s mind and at this stage, you are all excited.  But wait! Is your company enraptured by the sizzle or the steak? Try to look past the glitz and bargain basement prices offered. A good time and attendance system should be accompanied by a team of diligent system analysts (depending on the size of the project) and a thorough implementation plan.

Selecting a time and attendance vendor to work with becomes more than just the price of the system. It is not uncommon for an ATS account executive to hear “we want the cheapest solution” only to get a call from the same company 6 months later after the “cheap solution” did not meet their needs.

Your potential vendor should also have a thorough understanding of your company’s business requirements during the demonstration and display it through words and actions. You should also make it your business to find out about the training methodology. If your company has 10 or more users for your new system, online training should not be an option.  In addition, the training should be backed by a team of experienced systems analysts who can match the time and attendance system functionalities with your company’s business needs. Even better, some of your company’s core business requirements should be part of the product already—straight out of the box.

A vendor, in many respects, should be willing to commit to the success of its customers. Selecting which time and attendance vendor to work with becomes about more than just the software. When the focus remains on the sizzle, and the price the customer ends up with a system that is simply not meeting their needs.

To download a demonstration of the ATS TimeWork workforce management software, go to our website.

All Sizzle, the best prices and no steak

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