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ATS TimeWork is an award-winning time management software that helps companies streamline business processes throughout the entire organization and save on payroll costs. TimeWork provides mid-sized and large organizations throughout North America the tools to capture employee data, comply with local, state and provincial regulations, and ensure that businesses are performing optimally.

ATS time and attendance software-as-a-service (SaaS) software application is hosted by us and can be accessed over the Internet through any web browser. The application is available to customers 24/7, 365 days a year, on a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription basis. TimeWork is suitable for companies with a dispersed workforce across multiple sites. Organizations with remote workers and telecommuters will benefit from the portability of this on-demand solution. TimeWork hosted time tracking solution reduces the need for an internal IT infrastructure and provides a secure, cost-effective alternative for companies currently running critical business applications.

Here are three compelling reasons to leverage your business with an ATS Time and Attendance Application:

Affordability-TimeWork SaaS will not require a huge capital outlay and an inordinate amount of resources associated with purchasing and managing a technology infrastructure. With TimeWork SaaS, software updates are free; they are not invasive, and are executed by us without disruption to your operations.

The Solution Grows With You-ATS TimeWork allows you to grow your company without growing your IT support burden. Add modules as you need them without worrying about installation and configuration. For example: Overtime equalization provides managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as overtime and attendance, Time and Attendance Reports are real-time employee attendance reports with options for customizing both content and format, Forecasting, provides businesses with the technology to develop work schedules that meet business demands. With ATS on-demand time and attendance, you have can extend your mission-critical business applications across Canadian, US and overseas offices without the need for local IT support or infrastructure.

Training and Support- The ATS programming and support team are experts in the field of time and attendance. Upgrades and maintenance are fully automated with a solid backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your investment. Our Canadian network of local employees and partners can provide you with on-site consulting, training, and implementation assistance to help you get the most out of your solution.

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