ATS Hosted Software as a Service

ATS hosted Software as a Service (Saas) time and attendance helps reduce costs, minimize compliance risks, and increase worker productivity. ATS cloud-based workforce management software allows managers and administrators to streamline and simplify administrative tasks—anytime, anywhere.

ATS Time On-Demand is cost effective solution that automates your time and attendance processes. This unified solution includes; labour allocation, workforce analytics, data collection, workforce planning, employee scheduling and benefit accruals.

Data collection:

Employee time can be captured via badge readers, employee fingerprint readers, and biometric time clocks. ATS comprehensive time and attendance solution is available as a fully hosted service, which runs on secured servers hosted and managed by ATS’s experienced team.

Features and capabilities of ATS enterprise solution:

  • Track and calculate hours earned for vacation, lieu days, sick days, etc.
  • Automates the equitable distribution of available overtime to qualified employees in accordance with configurable business rules
  • Built-in history module
  • Full suite of standard reports and built-in report designer
  • Track multiple companies within the system
  • Attendance tracking
  • Automatic holiday pay
  • Multi-level approvals
  • Restrict unscheduled shifts
  • Shift and weekly premiums, rate overrides, and secondary jobs
  • Automatic break and lunch deductions
  • Shift and weekly premiums, rate overrides, and secondary jobs
  • Labour distribution and validation
  • Rounding, schedule rounding, and interval rounding capabilities
  • Automates overtime, shifts, holidays, job rates, and premium pay policies

The Benefit:

  • There is no software to buy, no upfront investment in licenses
  • Implementation costs can be incorporated into the low monthly fee
  • No servers or hardware, and no need for costly maintenance.
  • You order the services you want and pay only for what you use.
  • ATS applies all updates and patches to the system

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