ATS-Series 4000

The Series 4000 terminal is designed for the most demanding time and data collection needs. Utilizing an advanced dual microprocessor technology, the base unit offers TCP/IP, RS232/RS485 or modem connectivity. Auxiliary ports are included for digital I/O devices, contact, and media scanners, making the Series 4000 ideal for alarm and access control. The 512K Byte Flash memory allows for easy, on-line program updating or modification without product disassembly - no extra tools or outdated modules to purchase. The Series 4000 terminal, housed in a die-cast metal enclosure, is well suited for high-traffic environments.


Display: 2 or 4 Line x 20 Character backlit super-twist LCD.

Indicators: Yellow LED Low Power indicator. Two programmable LEDs: Red and Green. Diagnostic LEDs for Ethernet communication.

Speaker: Dual tone audible annunciator.

Programming: 'C' programming language or third party custom application packages.

Interface: TCP/IP Ethernet 10-base-T (802.3). EIA Standard RS232 or RS485 (2 or 4 wire).
Internal 9600/19.2 Baud Modem operation. Serial Interface Printer port.

Power: +10 to +17 VDC (+12 VDC @ 250 milliamps Nominal). Local, remote or centrally powered. Non-interruptible power source w/charger (optional).

Certification: This device complies to the conformance of FCC Rules Part 15, Class A.

Self Test: ACCU-RATE on-board terminal set-up and full feature diagnostics.

Memory: 128K Byte of capacitor backed memory. Expandable to 768K Byte (2000+ employee base--program dependent). 192K Byte Flash memory.

Environment: Operation: 32° to 110°F (0° to 43°C).

Clock: 12 or 24 hour-format--USA or International (quartz precision). Time stamp of data transactions.

Enclosure: Die cast aluminum housing with steel, key-lockable base assembly.

Keypad: Software defined function keys. Large 20 key tactile 4x5 matrix. Custom user defined keypad legends.

Physical: 7.25" L x 9.75" W x 3.8" H. Wt: 6lbs. (18.42cm L x 24.77cm W x 9.65cm H. Wt: 2.72kg).