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Although we are in the month of February the year still feels new and depending on where you live in North America your area is either very cold or you have snow on the ground or both. Yikes! From time to time we post articles from other sites that we find informative. ATS social media and marketing team found a site by Sarah Landrum titled “Punched Clocks.” And, because ATS provides workforce management solutions with accompanying hardware that’s referred to as “Punch Clocks,” “Time Clocks,” or “Data Collectors,” the name of the site was quite fitting.

This particular blog by Sara Landrum is titled “15 Job Search Sites To Help You Find A Job”. The list includes:

This website is a nice way to ease into the professional world. It’s specifically made to enhance people’s professional relationships. It runs on a platform similar to Facebook, where you can friend-request people you know and view their profiles to learn more about them.

With more than 800,000 new listings posted on the site every week, Indeed claims to be the biggest career site out there.

One of the most overlooked job-hunting sites is right in front of most of our eyes every day. Recruiters and big companies are starting to tweet out recent job openings or challenging jobs that need to be filled immediately. Often, they will provide links to position descriptions and application instructions. You can download an app, such as Tweetmyjobs, that will send Twitter alerts to tell you who’s hiring.”

You can browser through the entire list of job sites on Sarah Landrum’s blog.
Job searching have changed in the last several years with the proliferation of social media and other online tools including, Workforce and Human Capital Management Software which also has embedded recruiting tools for today’s employers. And, in a somewhat shaky economy employers are in search of candidates that can help them grow their business and provide optimal customer service.

So whether you are actively looking for otherwise, you will find these sites very informative.

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 Job Search Sites That Might Just Help You Find That Perfect Job

Streamlining costs and increasing workforce productivity are golden words to CEOs, shareholders and other senior executives. And, in an era of market fluctuations and shrinking profits, chief decision makers need effective tools, to help them meet the demands of today’s face-paced business landscape.

In an article titled “Want To Reduce Business Costs? Here Are 10 Areas To Start With”
by Michael Evans on it reads in part;

“One way to avoid this situation is to reduce and control non-strategic costs. Through technology and the emergence of the outsourcing industry, companies can reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and increase profits to be in a better position to deal with the inevitable cyclical economic downturn.”

How Businesses Can Streamline Costs And Increase Workforce Productivity

We chose 5 of out of the 10 that’s listed in the article:

“The economics have changed substantially between producing goods in China and in the United States. A recent study indicated that offshore manufacturing companies are looking at a 15 to 20 percent average wage increases and will reach wage parity with the United States by 2017. Energy costs outside the country are growing quickly as conversions from coal to natural gas are implemented in China.

Finance and Accounting
The cloud simplifies outsourcing of accounting and makes cost reductions easier and to achieve. This makes a lot of sense if you are having to scale up, or if you do not have accountants on staff to improve reporting or make sure you are GAAP compliant.

Human Resources
A Professional Employee Organization (PEO) can help process your payroll and offer your employees a better offering of benefits. In addition, by pooling with other companies through a PEO, you can get significant pooling discounts on the cost of benefits.

Social Marketing
Your website, social networking, and LinkedIn usage can save you enormous sums for marketing your company. Look at the outbound marketing costs and see what you can substitute.

Selling to the right customer
Smart firms will not only rid themselves of loss-making customers but, by mapping the on-boarding sales prospect process, incorporate activities and incentives for salespeople to bring only profit-producing customers on board. Whether you are reducing the selling cost or diverting resources to attain more profitable sales, you are moving to increase the cash and the profitability of the firm.”

To read the article in its entirety, go to Reducing business costs is not rocket science if the right approach is taken; for example, ATS workforce management solution provides proven, comprehensive time and attendance capabilities which take your company beyond manual time sheets or antiquated punch clocks. And, with ATS TimeWork OnDemand you can streamline key business processes and gain the real-time visibility and efficiency you need to run, grow your business and, at the same time, streamline costs.

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How Businesses Can Streamline Costs And Increase Workforce Productivity

It wasn’t that long ago when companies looking to track employee time would simply call up a provider and they would have a punch clock system installed in their organization. Those punch clocks did the tracking of hours and some even added the total at the bottom of the time cards.

Now let’s move to the mid 90’s and we saw the proliferation of Microsoft windows in just about every company using Microsoft’s:  computers, operating systems and suite of office products. The punch clock industry itself had to keep up and so came time and attendance built on the Microsoft® windows platform.  But does that mean companies are no longer using punch clock systems? On the contrary, ATS gets daily and weekly calls from companies around Toronto, Vancouver, Windsor including other regions in Canada and the US all requesting our assistance with the deployment of a 21st century time tracking system to replace their antiquated punch card system.

Bygone Era of the punch clock

So, how has Apex Time Solutions evolve with the times? As a market leader of cloud-based and on-premises enterprise time and attendance software, we help companies of all industries run better. From payroll operations to the c-level suite seeking; workforce analytic reporting functionality, to the plant manager and employees utilizing mobile devices to request time off and view schedules– ATS TimeWork empowers organizations with a workforce management solution that’s designed to increase operational productivity and gain insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

So whether your company is looking to track the time and attendance for 50 employees or 100,000.00 ATS TimeWork can help your company turn streams of data into actionable information that can help your business achieve unparalleled productivity and profitability.

Interested in seeing how your company can reduce high payroll costs with a state-of-the-art time tracking solution? Go to our website and download a time and attendance demonstration.  To speak to one of our account reps, call; 866.294.2467.

So Much Has Changed Since The Era Of The Traditional Punch Clock

CFOs are just as responsible for profitability of the organizations that they work as is the CEO. Some might even argue, a great deal of responsibility is thrust upon their shoulders since of their main objectives is to ensure that costs are aligned with operational expenses. Cloud-based time and attendance solution is becoming the norm and even risk-averse CFO’s, are now seriously considering that option as way of helping their overworked HR and payroll managers cope with attendance in real-time.

ATS cloud-based time and attendance system is flexible and helps companies avoid fixed capital investments during periods of corporate or economic uncertainty and timely access to the latest TimeWork On-Demand software capabilities.

So, what do CFO’s want from their time and attendance solution?

Information at their fingertips
To start, analytic reporting tools that contains the right information. CFOs need information that helps them extrapolate the right data whenever and whenever they need it. Financial managers want the ability to see exactly what is coming into and out of the business, where and when – allowing them to budget and forecast accordingly.

A solution that offers value
There is no question that economic slow-down of 2008 had made many companies more very prudent when it comes to spending on time and attendance software. And financial managers are taking a cautious approach to spending after having seen so many companies run into difficulties over the last few years, due in part to the financial crisis. These financial executives are keeping a closer eye on the bottom line.

Service and support
Service and support will never go out of style and although financial executives look for good value and a solid product, they also want service and support to go along with the product. ATS portfolio of services is designed to help you resolve problems more quickly—or even prevent problems before they occur—and to protect your investment. Whether you want to upgrade your service or extend your post-warranty technical support coverage, we offer highly support services and contracts with remote or onsite support with a single point of contact.

Whether you are dealing with manual timesheets or antiquated punch clocks, today’s organizations are looking to trusted time and attendance providers to help reduce cost, manage complexity, and provide real-time support. And that’s where ATS comes in.

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CFO’s See The Value In Cloud-Based Time And Attendance