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We’ve all had bosses at some point in our working lives and there are plethora of advice (including books and articles on the Internet) on how to deal with these bad bosses. It’s easy to dispense advice and strategies about dealing with a bad boss but it’s entirely different for the person who has to go to work each day and deal with the situation.

The following paragraphs are from articles that offer strategies on to deal with a bad boss.

John Beeson, for Harvard Business Review ‘Dealing with a Bad Boss’:

“Your starting point in dealing with a bad boss is confronting some important realities. First, your boss, regardless of whether she is effective or not, is a major factor in your ability to perform well in your job, and she plays a key role in shaping senior executives’ perceptions of your performance and career potential. Second, in most organizations it’s difficult if not impossible for a subordinate to dislodge a boss in the short term. Frequently, if you do some digging, you’ll find that your manager has some special ability his manager values — for example, a close relationship with a key customer or specific expertise that the boss lacks. As a result, rather than get demoralized or seek comfort from peers in your misery, it’s better to take steps to try to address the situation proactively”.

Ronald E Riggio Ph.D. article in Psychology Today titled ‘How to Deal with a Difficult or Bullying Boss’ In which he details four strategies for dealing with a difficult boss. Here is one of these strategies:

“It isn’t likely that your difficult boss situation will change overnight, so be prepared for the long haul. Moreover, be persistent in calling out your boss’s bad behavior, and putting your plan into action. Your coworkers might follow your lead and start to stand up to the difficult boss as well (although you should be prepared for the boss to try to turn them against you, or for your coworkers’ possible lack of support). The key is to not let your boss get away with continuing his/her bad behavior”.

Rebecca Shannonhouse for the Washington Post ‘Is your boss making you sick’?

“Research has linked having a lousy boss to an increased risk of heart attack, Quick said. Chronic stress that can result when someone must deal daily with a bad boss has been linked to high blood pressure, sleep problems and anxiety and is also associated with several unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol and overeating.

Difficult bosses can come in many forms, including hypercritical micromanagers, inept managers, bosses who push blame for problems onto others or hurl obscenities, and those who make unwanted sexual advances. But researchers say that whatever the type, when employees deal with a bad boss day in and day out, negative health effects often begin to pop up”.

Bottom-Line-We spend an enormous amount of our time at work and the psychological climate in which one works has a lot to do with their health and happiness. If that climate, is a toxic one it can have a negative impact on their personal relationships with their spouse and other loved ones.

No company, job or boss is worth losing your health, sanity, or self-esteem. If after several attempts, you cannot resolve the conflicts with your boss, you can either ask for a leave of absence to deal with the emotional strain, or start tapping into your network and begin looking for a new job.

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