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You Should Make The Cloud Your BFF

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Just imagine for a moment if you could grant employees the ability to submit time-off requests, bank overtime hours and view their schedules from any tablet or smartphone from anywhere at anytime? Beyond that—what if you could completely transform operations, HR and payroll processes by reducing administrative tasks and costs, or establish flexible modern approach to time and attendance processes that support unexpected change? All of this is possible, with one solution from a single vendor.

Discover ATS Attendance On-Demand the most complete set of cloud-based solutions for Workforce Management. When you choose this easy-to-use, robust and flexible solution you get all the time and attendance optimization capabilities you need, plus the added benefits of superior cloud computing technology. With ATS Attendance On-Demand you get a unique set of tools that allow your organization to apply streamline payroll costs and enhance productivity across all departments and locations — thus, enabling you to make more informed decisions. And when you connect your business and your attendance tracking objectives with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology, you can be ready for what’s happening now and plan for the future, with a set of embedded predictive analytic tools.

Benefits to making ATS Attendance On-Demand your BFF include:

Reduce cost of ownership
This whole notion of installing software on Servers which have to be maintained by IT is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, your company will realize true savings to your business by eliminating on-premise software maintenance, sensitive hardware, disaster recovery nightmares, expensive licenses, and disruptive upgrades. With ATS Attendance On-Demand your company will no longer have to allocate resources to IT and infrastructure and that allows you to free up capital for other important ventures.

Maximize employee productivity
Today’s workforce is connected to the cloud. Employees do not want to call in to find out when they are scheduled to work, how much overtime they have accumulated or request time-off. And why should they? By leveraging the cloud you can provide your employees with access to the right information where and when they need it and it will help to reduce the need to return to the office for administrative tasks – giving them more time to spend with your customers.

You can rely on best-practices
ATS Attendance On-Demand is deployed in one of the most advanced cloud environments. And, here is the best part you get greater agility, up-to-the-minute attendance data, and hassle-free ownership, but also a multi-layered security strategy that follows best-practice protocols. And, that’s a BFF you can be proud of.

If you want to elevate the productivity of your workforce, you need modern technology.
ATS Attendance On-Demand is a cloud-computing time and attendance application that’s superior to any other in the industry.

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 You Should Make The Cloud Your BFF

In football parlance, throwing the football in the end zone in a last ditch effort to win a game is commonly referred to as a “Hail Mary” pass. At times, some NFL teams have had success with it, while many others, have simply fallen short. In the world of time and attendance, scrambling to replace an ailing software solution and using a tight deadline can lead to undesirable results and is tantamount to throwing a “Hail Mary”. If you have decided that your paper time sheet or antiquated solution needs replacing, and then take a methodical approach to its deployment. ATS time and attendance solution product offering and implementation methodology encompasses:

 Superior Cloud-Based Time and Attendance
ATS TimeWork On-Demand software offers superior workforce analytics for your organization. With ATS TimeWork On-Demand, your company will reap the benefits of a market-leading, time tracking and optimized solution, essential for driving business results.

 A Lower Payroll Cost and Quick Return on Investment
Our cloud-based time and attendance is offered through a dedicated, secure data center with resilience built in. Our solution is configured to an organization pay policies and other business requirements and gives you the freedom to scale as your business evolves. The predictable monthly billing allows you to access a plethora of workforce management software features including; business intelligence, time capture analytics, job costing, workforce planning, overtime equalization, vacation planning calendar, and HR capabilities from anywhere, at any time.

Scoping, Planning and Implementation
Say good-bye to the “Hail Mary” type of installation. With an ATS time and attendance solution we administer the preparation, setup, training and testing, which are the hallmarks of a successful time and attendance implementation. By scoping the project, our Implementation Specialist gets a better understanding of your business requirements. By planning and testing means this ensures the solution matches all of your work rule policies. Implementation means we have covered all the bases and now ready to deliver a world-class solution to your organization.

ATS Time and Attendance was designed to provide your company with best-of-class standard time tracking, combined with workflow management features, and in-depth process customization capabilities. The result is a wide ranging set of pre-configured software features covering the standard requirements of every industry, while, at the same time, being easily adaptable to your company’s specific deployment goals.

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 Throwing A Hail Mary Pass Doesn’t Always Work

In the current climate of global and competitive landscape your manual time sheets and outdated time and attendance system is not designed to handle your business requirements as your company evolves. And, therefore, in order to keep pace with your competitors, you need a modern, workforce management solution that can quickly adapt to increasing business demands of today and tomorrow. An ATS cloud-based time and attendance system can help your company grow smarter and without a large upfront cost with TimeWork On-Demand.

You can leverage the cloud through the use of ATS TimeWork On-Demand and reap the following benefits:

With ATS TimeWork On-Demand you choose the strategy the time clock that’s right for your business. Deploy specific time and attendance modules by starting with just the basics. As your needs evolve, you can add; business intelligence, overtime equalization, benefit accruals and other best-of-breed tools to gain productivity advances and cutting edge technologies.

Business Advantages
ATS TimeWork On-Demand delivers flexible and innovative time management solution that supports the standardization of company work and business processes. ATS cloud-based time and attendance will help propel your company’s growth, while maximizing the value of your IT investment. The return on investment (ROI) results includes insightful decision-making, lower payroll costs, and enhanced ability to business success.

With our deep technical expertise, implementation specialist, and experience across multiple industries, we quickly and efficiently we deploy ATS time and attendance solutions to help you achieve your business objectives and put your organization on the path to success.

So, why move your business to ATS TimeWork On-Demand?

  • 21st century user experience supporting third party applications that include; Payroll, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and business processes designed for anywhere, anytime hyper-connected, and mobile workforce.
  • Comprehensive workforce management solution, including, workforce planning and budgeting, job costing, employee scheduling, business intelligence, and workforce analytics, and vacation planning available for your organization to adopt as and when the need arises with minimal disruption to the business.
  • Innovation and robust workforce management software designed for organizations from mid-size to enterprise and global organizations encompassing multi-GAAP, and multi-subsidiary capabilities to rapidly support business expansion.When combined with our world-class service, ATS cloud-based time and attendance will help your organization achieve greater agility and gain a competitive advantage. To learn more, go to our website.

When combined with our world-class service, ATS cloud-based time and attendance will help your organization achieve greater agility and gain a competitive advantage. To learn more, go to our website.

Innovative, Proven and Accompanied by World-Class Service

Transform your Business with Confidence

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Today’s organizations compete in an environment dramatically shaped by current economic conditions as well as ongoing challenges such as increasing customer demands, and escalating operational costs. Some of these organizations respond by deploying a time and attendance solution to help streamline payroll costs and find greater efficiencies across their organizations.

In this type of competitive environment, your business cannot afford to do nothing or it can quickly become dormant. ATS TimeWork time and attendance solution can help transform your business so you can embrace change with supreme confidence. ATS TimeWork time and attendance delivers increased agility so your organization can adapt quickly to change. ATS TimeWork drives long-term value for your business through a strong return on investment (ROI) and lower cost of ownership (TCO).

You can Transform Your Business By;

Getting more from your ATS Time and Attendance Solution
ATS Time Management solution is a great investment. It will improve the way your business performs, helping you maximize your investments with complementary modules that include: employee scheduling, forecast, job costing, leave management and overtime equalization. The solution will help ensure fast a rapid return on investment (ROI) and is backed by ATS industry-leading support.

Protecting Your Investment
ATS Business Care Plans offer a broad range of after-sales support benefits. For instance, your gold plan can provide unlimited training, access to self-service support portal and transitional upgrades and new releases.

Moving with Confidence into the Future
Companies can count on ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance for ongoing innovation and predictable product releases that provide long-term satisfaction. In addition, ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance solution is backed by a committed team of product managers, programmers and deep industry experience.

Find out why leading companies use ATS Workforce Management Solutions to achieve operational excellence.

To learn more go to our website and for a demonstration of our solution call us at; 1.866.294.2467.

New Year’s resolution is a time for goal setting in our personal lives and the same hold true for businesses. Organizations small and big use the start of the year, to set business goals some which include: devising ways to increasing productivity update business forecasts and streamline payroll costs.

ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand is powerful workforce management software that is adaptable and was designed for midsize and large companies that want to grow profitably. ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand helps you streamline and optimize every area of your business. Equipped with best-in-class business management tools, the solution provides transparency and control over all your operations. With ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand, businesses can remain confident that they will receive a successful deployment and rapid return on investment (ROI), with minimal total cost of ownership.

ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand will help with:

Employee Time CaptureCollect time and analyze workforce metrics through business intelligence data to quickly and easily understand workforce patterns.

Benefit Accruals—Optimize benefit accruals and time-off requests to produce an accurate employee schedules, while meeting business performance objectives

Talent Management, ERP, HR and Payroll interfaces—Integrate ATS Time and Attendance on-Demand data with third-party applications to produce accurate workforce analytics.

Employee Self-Service—Employee can access to their personal information and schedules through an iPad, smartphone or any workstation with Internet access. With this access, employees can request job changes, submit vacation request. Managers get an alert through a mobile device once employee submits request for time-off.  

Overtime Equalization—Automate overtime distribution to employees based on seniority or other business rules.

Get your business off to a great start in 2014 by reducing labour costs with better workforce management capabilities. ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand will help you streamline business processes, control payroll costs, manage compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

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Accelerate Your Business in 2014 with ATS Time and Attendance On Demand

Have Economic Conditions Improved for the Manufacturing Sector Since 2008?

November 19th, 2013 | Posted by Apex Time Solutions in Employee Self Service | ERP | Labour Costs | Overtime Equalization | Workforce Management Solutions - (Comments Off on Have Economic Conditions Improved for the Manufacturing Sector Since 2008?)

Impatient shareholders, increased economic uncertainty and rapid globalization are creating continuous pressure for today’s manufacturers. To compete effectively and win, manufacturers must reduce costs and increase service levels with fewer resources.

ATS workforce management solution for manufacturing provides strategic tools that manufacturers need to transform their operations to become industry leaders. ATS TimeWork helps manufacturers streamline payroll costs more efficiently and optimize their supply chains in critical operational areas. The application helps manufacturers with; employee data capture,  budgeting and forecasting, job costing, labour allocation, overtime equalization, employee self-service, business analytics, CRM, ERP and payroll integration.

ATS TimeWork workforce management software is designed to meet the needs of progressive manufacturing companies. The application is delivered ‘out-of-the-box’ with a built-in business workflow processes that enable manufacturers to manage the order cycle of their time and attendance operations. ATS TimeWork time and attendance solution can help manufacturers improve their operations while reducing costs, improving visibility and enhancing business operations.

ATS TimeWork workforce management solution helps manufacturers improve response times and increase customer satisfaction by maintaining detailed analytics in real-time for the purpose of tracking labour dollars. And through better time management and labour controls, you will prevent and reduce failure and thus, increase your company’s profit margins

Contact us to learn how ATS workforce management solutions can make a difference in your business.

This question always gets a defensive response when our account executives are engaged with prospective customers. One of the most common responses is: “Of course, we know our payroll costs. We get reports once a week from our payroll software.” If your company’s measuring its payroll costs on a weekly or monthly basis, chances are you do not have the right tools in place to help you stay competitive.

Today’s businesses need to be agile, flexible and responsive. Using paper time cards to track employees’ time is one of the best ways to accumulate inaccurate data. ATS time and attendance provides a full set of tools to help you forecast, record, track and control your payroll costs. We ensure visibility throughout your entire organization and provide a full integration with other systems that helps departmental managers get on-the-spot business intelligence data. Here are three ways in which an ATS employee time management solution can streamline payroll costs:

Improve operational efficiencies-Traditional methods of collecting employee time through time cards can lead to manual errors and employees either getting over or under paid. In contrast, using a 21st century time and attendance solution can significantly reduce efficiencies throughout the enterprise, affecting manufacturing line workers as well as plant managers and administrators. Time consuming manual business processes silently erode worker effectiveness.

Cost control and tracking – Enables the capture, tracking and analyzing of project tracking activities and highlights profitability in real-time. ATS TimeWork provides expected versus actual costs for job costing, overtime equalization and workforce absence requests data is easily extracted for regulatory reporting requirements.

Workforce planning and employee scheduling – ATS workforce scheduling provides proper execution of re-scheduling activities when business priorities and plans change. ATS workforce management scheduling allows for optimized scheduling utilizing demand forecasts, employee skills data and labor standards; individual and team performance tracking (with identification of training needs); and incentive calculations determined by client rules and governmental regulations.

So the question remains, why don’t more of today’s businesses track their labour costs in real time? One of the most common answers given by companies, is that such a system would be very costly, take too long to implement or that it would not fit with their corporate culture.  When you consider how the 2008 global recession impacted many businesses, in particular the manufacturing sector, controlling labour costs should not be an afterthought.

To get a free copy of our ROI on the implementation of a time and attendance solution, call us at 866.294.2467. To view a demonstration, go to our website and to join the conversation, join us on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

Do You Really Know Your Company's True Labour Costs


Thousands of businesses looking to optimize productivity have relied on ATS time and attendance system to help them achieve that goal. ATS TimeWork is a fully integrated time tracking solution that serves the distribution, transportation and logistics industry. ATS time and attendance will automate your business processes and reduce payroll costs with a time and labour solution designed to meet the needs of transportation and wholesale distributors. ATS time and attendance transportation solution provides in-depth capabilities for every area of your business which includes: customer orders, payroll, human resources, warehousing, job costing, overtime equalization and data collection.

Our industry-specific time management system provides managers with real-time data that ensures consistent, cross-functional use across operational departments. The robust application allows users to access labour analytics so they can easily manage wholesale distribution, manufacturing and employee attendance functions.

In addition to powerful functionality, ATS TimeWork time and attendance delivers embedded enterprise-wide features that help elevate your business into a real-time, on-demand organization that is responsive to the needs of your customers.

  • Workflow Automation– Streamline operations and enhance information flow between employees, payroll, department managers and human resources departments.
  • Data Integration– Promote faster, more effective management reporting and decision-making with real-time labour analytic tools.
  • Employee Self-Service-Employees can access their schedules, benefits, and make time off requests.
  • Data Collection- Automatically collect employee hours, verify and upload data in real-time across your business operations.
  • Benefit Accruals– Automatically adds sick time, vacation and other types of leave time to an employee’s account.

ATS time and attendance is scalable, so it can be implemented incrementally or company-wide to support your business processes,  in phases or during growth.

To learn more join the conversation or LinkedIn. You can also view our time and attendance product suite on our website. To speak to one of our time and attendance representatives, call us at: 866.294.2467


ATS TimeWork is an award-winning time management software that helps companies streamline business processes throughout the entire organization and save on payroll costs. TimeWork provides mid-sized and large organizations throughout North America the tools to capture employee data, comply with local, state and provincial regulations, and ensure that businesses are performing optimally.

ATS time and attendance software-as-a-service (SaaS) software application is hosted by us and can be accessed over the Internet through any web browser. The application is available to customers 24/7, 365 days a year, on a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription basis. TimeWork is suitable for companies with a dispersed workforce across multiple sites. Organizations with remote workers and telecommuters will benefit from the portability of this on-demand solution. TimeWork hosted time tracking solution reduces the need for an internal IT infrastructure and provides a secure, cost-effective alternative for companies currently running critical business applications.

Here are three compelling reasons to leverage your business with an ATS Time and Attendance Application:

Affordability-TimeWork SaaS will not require a huge capital outlay and an inordinate amount of resources associated with purchasing and managing a technology infrastructure. With TimeWork SaaS, software updates are free; they are not invasive, and are executed by us without disruption to your operations.

The Solution Grows With You-ATS TimeWork allows you to grow your company without growing your IT support burden. Add modules as you need them without worrying about installation and configuration. For example: Overtime equalization provides managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as overtime and attendance, Time and Attendance Reports are real-time employee attendance reports with options for customizing both content and format, Forecasting, provides businesses with the technology to develop work schedules that meet business demands. With ATS on-demand time and attendance, you have can extend your mission-critical business applications across Canadian, US and overseas offices without the need for local IT support or infrastructure.

Training and Support- The ATS programming and support team are experts in the field of time and attendance. Upgrades and maintenance are fully automated with a solid backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your investment. Our Canadian network of local employees and partners can provide you with on-site consulting, training, and implementation assistance to help you get the most out of your solution.

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Time & Attendance and the Cost of Doing Nothing

The Case for Automating Your Business Process

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Time and Attendance has evolved in the last several years from mere employee time tracking to include; employee self-service, workforce planning and business intelligence to name a few. Companies today, want a solution that can grow as their needs evolve without multiple customizations. If your company is using a system that is heavy on customization, it’s time to look at alternatives.

ATS workforce management software is designed for mid size and enterprise businesses. Our time and attendance solution helps organizations across a variety of industries to effectively forecast and manage their workforce. The integrated ATS workforce management solution includes: time and attendance, data collection, employee scheduling, forecasting, employee self-service and business analytics. TimeWork can be utilized in its cloud-based or on-premises format. ATS solutions helps companies control labour costs, streamline business process and manage compliance risk.

ATS Time & Attendance Includes:
Benefit Accruals-TimeWork automates employee accruals and time-off requests. In addition, it has the flexibility to facilitate your organization’s most complex benefit policies and transform them into enduring practices.

Attendance Management-Detailed attendance records can be maintained for employees. Managers can be proactively notified through various business analytic reporting.

Employee Self-Service-Through a web browser, employees have direct access to their personal information so they can request time-off and review schedules.

Overtime Equalization- Automatically notify employees of overtime offers and enable employees to review, accept and reject overtime on the same console they use for attendance and labour transactions.

Data Integration—Integrate ATS time and attendance data with; Talent Management, Human Resources Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management and Payroll applications to produce accurate data.

Data Collection-Collect and distribute time and labour metrics to quickly enforce employee schedules and job assignments.

Support-Our integrated implementation support offers reliable response to technical disruptions, and maintains the health and integrity of the system. With this offering, companies benefit from insights into ATS solutions and expertise to mitigate risk, while tapping the innovations that ATS continually introduces.

ATS integrated solution delivers a web-based time and attendance set that includes: employee data collection, workforce planning, scheduling, employee self-service and business analytics. Our comprehensive solutions, help companies streamline business processes and improve workforce productivity.

To learn more, go to our website and arrange a demonstration, contact us.