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Organizations face many challenges, including; retaining a competitive edge, managing employees and keeping them productive and motivated, keeping cost low and increasing customer satisfaction. And, with all this to manage, you are likely not thinking about the negative impact your current time and attendance is having on your business. Here are five ways, your time and attendance system may be having a negative impact on your business:

Your company is losing money
If your current time and attendance is paper-based, there is no doubt you are wasting money by having someone manually calculate employee time, vacations, statutory holidays and host of other things that could easily automated. If you are using some off the shelf or outdated time and attendance solution, you will, at some point, have to pay for new versions, annual maintenance and software bug fixes. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could have a solution that did not include these ongoing costs?

Limited Choices
You believe that the current version you have works. In other words, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Sometimes, these words tend to be the last ones uttered before the system breaks down, or you come to the realization, that your system is not keeping pace with your business.

Do You Feel Trapped With Your Time And Attendance System?

Lack of Integration
Let’s say you have a mid-size company with 500 employees, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a time and attendance solution that’s intuitive, and can integrate to your; financials and job costing, payroll, human resources information system (HRIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM)? Moreover, your company cannot take advantage of real-time analytic reporting if you are using an outdated time and attendance solution. A 21st century cloud-based time and attendance solution connects to mobile devices and is available from anywhere, at anytime propels your business further and provides greater efficiency.

Upgrading will be a piece of cake or, so you think
Upgrading can sometimes cost the same as what you spent a few short years ago on a new time and attendance system. Also upgrading to a new solution will likely require stakeholders to ensure the business requirements are met. After all, your business requirements have likely changed from a few years ago when you first implemented the solution. In short order, that quick upgrade you were going to get, might end up lasting longer than you had planned for.

Customized System
If your current system is customized, it can create problems with upgrading or its ability adhere to bug fixes – more often than not, this can lead organizations to defer upgrades, sometimes indefinitely. Who wants to be stuck with a time and attendance system that is so heavily customized that it prevents a company from taking advantage of newer versions? With an ATS cloud-based time and attendance upgrades are built-in and takes place without interruption to your company’s business operations.

Deploying a best-in-class time and attendance solution based on today’s technology, enables businesses in various industries, to adhere to multi-jurisdictional and legal compliance differences at the local, provincial, federal and state level. ATS TimeWork OnDemand provides real-time visibility, streamlines payroll costs, increase workforce productivity and gives you access to multiple levels of consolidated reporting and enterprise-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), all displayed in real time, on dashboards.

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Are Today’s Manufacturing Companies Embracing Analytics? You Can Bet They Are!

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Today’s manufacturing companies are faced with increasing competition including, global competition, price wars and rapid consolidation. And because these trends show no signs of abating, manufacturers are embracing analytics to help them streamline operational costs and increase revenue.

Here are three steps manufacturing companies can take to ensure they are making good use of analytics:

Evaluate your Current Analytic Capabilities:  You should use analytics to measure your company’s performance and make strategic business decisions that affect the success of your organization. For example, using an outdated employee time tracking system or paper time-cards will inevitability, inhibit your company’s growth prospects. A modern workforce management solution allows you to use analytics, thus, creating performance benchmarks that will improves your plant floor operations, and workforce productivity.

Are Today’s Manufacturing Companies Embracing Analytics? You Can Bet They Are!

Performance Is Key: Manufacturing companies are in business to make a profit and so, having a defined set of business metrics at your fingertips are the keys to understanding operational excellence. Your metrics should including, plant floor productivity, hours worked by employees versus job costing rates, product quality and overall financial results. With ATS Workforce Management Software for Manufacturing, you have access to intuitive dashboards that displays up-to-the-minute results that includes, employee data capture process, plant floor project costing and data integration.

Adding value through Processes: Manufacturing companies understand the value of lean production, thus, their processes should save time and money while using resources wisely. An example of lean in manufacturing is using an automated time and attendance system as opposed to manual system, which waste time and require more resources.

If you are a manufacturing company who has not deployed lean production throughout your organization, it’s not too late. With ATS Workforce Management Software for Manufacturing, your company can take advantage of real-time analytics- while at the same time, streamline plant-floor operations and saving valuable resources.

Want to learn more? Download a Lean Manufacturing Time and Attendance demonstration.

Are Today’s Manufacturing Companies Embracing Analytics? You Can Bet They Are!

Let’s Talk About Cloud Baby

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Unless you have been living off-the-grid on some remote island in the last 10 years, you are probably familiar with the cloud and most likely use it on a daily basis; to store documents, download music and stream TV shows. As the cloud-based applications begin to grow in popularity, businesses are investing time to understand its benefits and are gravitating towards it in record numbers. ATS Cloud-Based TimeWork OnDemand, is a secure, time and attendance solution that is backed by unwavering service and support, that is available 24/7, anywhere, anytime you need it.

Let’s Talk About Cloud Baby

Product solution by business size includes:

TimeWork OnDemand for Small Business -ATS TimeWork OnDemand for small businesses is easy-to-use, affordable and helps you with– things like accessing data in real-time, employee scheduling, wage and hour compliance and paid time off tracking. Small businesses looking for a cloud-based time and attendance solution that can help prevent buddy-punching will find ATS array of biometric time clocks the perfect choice for the modern workforce.

TimeWork OnDemand for Midsize Businesses – Just imagine no more paper timesheets, spreadsheets, punch timecards, and countless wasted hours manual repetitive time and attendance data entry and corrections. ATS TimeWork OnDemand automates the time collection process, applies work-rule and payroll policies, including; grace, breaks, rounding and overtime, and calculates and immediately sends data to your payroll software. And, you can do this from any tablet, mobile device or workstation that’s connected to the Internet-and, that’s the power of the cloud!

TimeWork OnDemand for Large Businesses- ATS understands that you must manage your business as a single globally integrated enterprise, rather than as a loose collection of independent businesses. You need a large and connected time and attendance solution that will increase your agility, and also enable you to instill consistent business processes to meet the twin challenges of size and complexity. ATS TimeWork OnDemand for large businesses is both flexible and robust enough, to replace, those aging, disparate manual systems that’s used throughout your different locations. Now, by using ATS TimeWork OnDemand you can proactively help control payroll costs, increase productivity, improve compliance and enhance revenue opportunities.

Now you can re-imagine your business. The best-of-breed applications in ATS cloud time and attendance is integrated with Payroll, ERP, Talent Management, HR, CRM and analytic capabilities to help you increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls.

To explore ATS time and attendance solutions, you can download a live demonstration and to speak to an account executive, call us at; 1.866.294.2467.

Let’s Talk About Cloud Baby

Charged with the responsibility of calculating the attendance and pay records of thousands of employees, ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance helps to streamline payroll expenses, increase productivity and — process and, positively transforms the way people work.

If you are currently using ATS TimeWork unified workforce management solution chances are, your company is reaping the benefits of a robust, time keeping system that uses— the power of the cloud to help you better schedule, track and measure your workforce strategic activities.

Cloud and Big Data Drives Today’s Advance Time and Attendance Solution

Benefits of ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance include:

  • Increase business agility with Big Data- Achieve more, faster, while using less resources. With ATS TimeWork you can access the cloud to see up-to-the-minute attendance, missed punches, absenteeism, broad-based activities, the power of the cloud, and big data, while transforming your business for the future.
  • Employee Self-Service –Engage your employees with a user-friendly self-service module. With ATS self-service module, employees get access and the ability to request time-off, see changes anytime, from a Web browser or Smartphone.
  • Time Tracking – Using your business rules and policies ATS TimeWork responds to and will automatically calculate breaks, statutory holidays and hours paid.
  • Management Exception – Define rotation plans based on shifts and work plans. Define which employees can charge to which organizations in your company. ATS TimeWork identifies exceptions that requires action, and provides a list of each employee based on selected rule and/or exception information.
  • Well Constructed Calculation Engine – ATS TimeWork will accurately calculate unpaid, paid and specialty wages. TimeWork calculation engine is robust and uses rule-based time and attendance configurations.
  • Job Costing and Labour Tracking– ATS TimeWork job tracking capabilities gives you broad flexibility to track employee time and projects in different departments. This, all while working within the same system and, maintaining visibility of your jobs and business on a moment-by-moment basis.
  • Time and Attendance Benefit Accruals– ATS TimeWork accommodates a wide variety of methods for accruing leave time, as well as the many complex rules. ATS TimeWork benefit accrual module, can generate benefit time earned, as well as deduct time taken, maintaining an accurate, editable record of all your employees benefit time.

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Cloud and Big Data Drives Today’s Advance Time and Attendance Solution


Maximizing Productivity with ATS TimeWork OnDemand

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In today’s highly competitive, global economy there is so much that depends on how your business adapts. Getting more from your operations—and spending less—can make the difference between profits, or a loss. As an ATS customer you have access to a powerful cloud-based application for your enterprise with a unique cloud interface to help you better forecast, schedule, track, deploy and measure your workforce. And, with fast and secure global employee record transaction, within the same system— that means a more productive workforce.

The Power of ATS TimeWork On-Demand is specialized by Industry and includes:

Retail & Hospitality
Harness real-time analytics and insights, based on up-to-the-minute data capture. With ATS Time and Attendance you get the visibility you need to optimize everything across your supply chain.

Streamline your entire production cycle, through the use of ATS comprehensive workforce management solutions. Deliver quality products on time using job costing capabilities that encompasses the entire manufacturing production line.

Public Sector
ATS combines deep public sector expertise with best-in-class government workforce management software solutions to help transform the business of government. From our own industry-leading TimeWork leave management, geofencing tracking for offsite workers, to KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) solutions— ATS has the skills and experience to help government offices improve efficiency, while modernizing their public sector time and attendance systems. Our implementation approach includes a detailed requirements analysis, configuration, class-room and online training sessions.

ATS Time and Attendance for healthcare supports employee scheduling, best practices, and better resource utilization. The industry-specific solution, delivers a robust set of best-in-class workforce management functionality that enables you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership.

Financial Services
Within the financial service sector, ATS Time and Attendance helps; banks, wealth managers and advisory services providers to; take full advantage of the cost containment within ATS TimeWork while mitigating risk and staying compliant work-rule policies including holiday and overtime rules. ATS TimeWork On-Demand helps you control labour costs and increase workforce productivity.

ATS TimeWork Time and Attendance help you better engage customers, monitor labour output, support the implementation of internal controls, control unnecessary payroll costs, streamline operations, and improve financial integrity.

To learn more, register for a live webinar or download product brochures and learn how ATS TimeWork On-Demand can help improve business performance.

Maximizing Productivity with ATS TimeWork OnDemand


It’s that time of the year when holiday office parties are in full swing, retailers have hired extra employees to help with the heavy amount of shopping that has become reminiscent with this time of the year. Businesses also have their shopping list, chief amoung them, payroll and HR managers who, have been using paper time sheets for years and would like nothing better a new solution. Some of the will be presenting a list to their reporting managers for a system that contains:

Visual Dashboards- With data visualization tools that displays the current status of metrics, including employee attendance, up-to-minute reports and other key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the benefits of understand budget vs. actual dollars spent. And, they want this data to be consolidated, sorted, arranged and managed to fit one screen.

Workforce Planning- For the purpose of providing insight into job costing capabilities, and integrate pay code policies for multi site and multi county operations.  The time tracking solution should contain the ability to provide a complete picture of workforce scheduling demand, thus, allowing our organization to optimize our business with our operational goals for greater business insight.

Data Integration- Seamless integration to payroll, HR, ERP and other applications so your company no longer have to key data in manually. ATS TimeWork integration tool includes a set of pre-built, packaged integrations and connectors for the purpose of third-party applications that are built, maintained, and supported by ATS.

Better Usability- You deserve a system that gives you the right data at the right time. ATS TimeWork is adaptable, mobile, and flexible and can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. It’s just that easy. It’s made for the way industries operate. ATS TimeWork lets employees access their scheduled shifts and accumulated overtime hours, request time-off and collaborate with their direct supervisors through any mobile device. Now just imagine how much greater profitability and streamlined process, your company will achieve? That’s the power of ATS TimeWork.

Scalability- ATS TimeWork is easy to use, affordable, time and attendance for mid-enterprise size organizations. Available in the cloud or on-premise, our software is designed to work with your organization – and, at a price that’s right for your growing company. To gain a competitive edge in the demanding global marketplace requires efficiency, agility, analysis, and, above all, simple technological solutions and, that’s the advantage of using an ATS workforce management solution.

In closing, if your manager needs convincing, have him or her go to our demonstration page and get their personalized tour of the software and download data some data collection options.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Brand New Time And Attendance Solution

Software as a service (SaaS) or cloud-based (as it’s also referred to) time and attendance is on par with today’s transformative technology. It was just a few years ago that many companies were deploying customer relationship management applications (CRM), payroll and HR software on servers. And, while some still do, SaaS has simply disrupted the traditional method of deploying business management software.

Why Cloud-Based Software Instead Of On-Premises?

Here are some of benefits that our customers have gained by deploying ATS SaaS time and attendance:

Cost- ATS SaaS time and attendance is a ‘pay as you go’ which means you only for services that you need. If you are looking to implement a brand new time and attendance solution – it can be summed up as an operational expense whereas on-premises would be considered a capital cost. The scalability of ATS time and attendance is designed to give our customers a clear idea of what their monthly costs will be. This allows for much more accurate budgeting.

Data integration-ATS SaaS time and attendance was designed to allow application programming interface (API) connections to talent management, job costing, human resources software, ERP, and CRM applications. No more keying employee hours, labour and job codes manually in to an accounting or payroll software. After all, who wants to anyway?

Deployment- Implementation that takes years still exists in the world of on-premises software, although that can mitigated in companies that have a project leader. If the implementation of your time and attendance requires the purchase of a sizeable investment in a server, you are better off, with the SaaS option.

We realize that every company is unique, and in some cases, a cloud-based solution may simply not work in your business environment. That being said, when you consider the advantages, we think it’s worth serious consideration. To learn more or to download the full copy of “cloud-based time and attendance vs. on-premises” contact us.

On-Premises VS Cloud-Based Time and Attendance



Finding the right software solution for your organization can be a daunting task. If the robustness of the product and its ability to scale with your business, as you grow, is secondary to price, chances are, you will be stuck with the “run of the mill” solution that will likely not last very long. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” is very true when shopping for a time and attendance solution. Now, while it is also true that there are some similarities with time and attendance software, we suggest you dig deeper. Doing so will ensure that you have the right solution for many years. When the time and attendance you choose, is combined with unwavering service, that’s when you know, you know you made the right decision.

Here is what sets ATS apart from the “Run Of The Mill”:

Flexible and easy-to-use
We take a painstaking approach to configuring your data the right way the first time around. To that end, we take time to ask you the right questions. You now have a solution that you can access from any smart phone or workstation with Internet access at any time, anywhere. Want to know if your employee has arrived at work when they should? No problem! We can set up instant alerts to trigger your smart phone or workstation upon employees’ arrival — all done in real-time. Now, that’s what we call real workforce management solution!

Scalability like you have never seen before
Can the ATS time and attendance solution scale flexibly to quickly meet new or changing demands? Oh yes, it can! In addition, ATS time and attendance makes it easy to add new subsidiaries or locations to the system— whether they are in Quebec, New York, Toronto, Fort McMurray or Windsor, without disrupting your day to day business operations. And, here is the best part, you can start with the basics of employee time tracking and then add modules like: business intelligence, benefit accruals, employee self-service, workforce planning, forecasting & budgeting, job costing and ERP & payroll data integration. 

Data visibility in real-time and on-the-spot reporting
ATS time and attendance in built on the foundation of accurate reporting analytics. The intuitive audit trails gives a history of employee hours, project costs and user access rights and helps senior management in their day-to-day and strategic decisions making. Embedded within ATS time and attendance database structure is an operational business intelligence solution designed to provide easy access to consistent data so you can react quickly to revenue and cost-saving opportunities. ATS time and attendance workflow features self-service interactive dashboards, combined with operational key performance indicators (KPI’s) that measures workforce productivity against business forecast to bring about desired results.

So, if you are looking to maximize productivity and profitability across your organizational departments, go to our website to download a demonstration of the ATS time and attendance. You can also join the conversation with our LinkedIn business group or follow us on Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook.


Flexible, Easy To Use And Built To Last

Business process automation has had no choice other than to evolve with the invention of cloud computing technology. Gone are the days when the only choice for companies was a time tracking software application that made its users wind through a labyrinth of clunky menus to obtain an attendance report. Today, companies can harness the power of a web-based time and attendance to gain a superior advantage over their competitors. Yet, with so much to gain by adopting this new technology, some companies are either not aware of the advantages or have a corporate and psychological resistance to change. By the time these companies realize that their competitors are using best-in-class products to help propel growth, it’s too late to play catch up and in the end, wind up being at a competitive disadvantage.

If your company happens to be one of the few who are still on the fence about replacing your current system, consider the following:

Time and attendance has made leaps and bounds from its days of paper-based time cards ineffective data integration to a growing trend in of Software-as-a-Service time capture with real-time reporting tools that can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. Advanced improvements in technology drove the change with companies moving from DOS to Windows, (including .net and SQL technologies) maturation of web technology—and workforce planning and attendance tracking through mobile devices. Many of these technologies have shaped how software applications are deployed and provide companies with the flexibility of accessing employee data from anywhere, on any device and through the use of any browser.

Broad Based Deployment The adoption of web-based time and attendance has changed what use to be a 12 month deployment to a mere couple of months. ATS cloud based solution is delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), platform and enables companies to take advantage of the most up-to-date technology and efficiencies while saving time and money by removing the burden of maintenance and hosting—and ensuring seamless upgrades.

Real-time business visibility and intuitive automation
ATS web-based solution provides real-time visibility into business performance across plants operations, payroll, finance and HR through role-based dashboards and metrics specifically designed for the needs of today’s emerging companies. ATS implementation team provides deep industry expertise in job costing, benefit accruals, HR functionality, payroll,  talent management, workforce planning and business intelligence— and leverage emerging technologies to help companies improve business performance and stay competitive.

Interested in learning more? Register for our next webinar Maximize Business Value with a Workforce Management Software” and see how customers are enjoying the benefits of a modern time and attendance solution.

It's Time To Ditch That Clunky Software Application


Implementing a time and attendance solution can at times be fraught with hesitation for some companies because of the unknown and investment costs. Sometimes, the hesitation is borne out of not understanding the benefits of the solution and as such, the deployment is deferred until a later date. The digital revolution has permeated every country and industry and thus, implementation of a time and attendance system no longer requires dedicated servers, IT experts and other infrastructure costs to realize its return on investment. In fact, companies are deploying cloud-based solutions in record numbers, because, they have come to realize that the absence of a system to manage employee attendance their growth aspirations and increase in profits are being held back. Why? Because while they have resisted deploying a time and attendance solution, their competitors, studied its advantages, when ahead and deployed it and are now reaping the very benefits.

Listed below are three steps businesses should ponder prior to the deployment of a time and attendance system:

Stakeholders get excited, and with good reason, about the prospect of a system that’s going to streamline business operations, stop buddy punching and help them achieve operational excellence. Who wouldn’t be excited about this? However, its important to focus on the robustness of the solution and how it will blend in with your company’s objective to reduce the amount of time your HR Specialist spends each week processing payroll.

Implementation of a time and attendance system should not take on a made dash to the finish line. View your implementation a marathon and not a sprint. Once you have determined your work-rules and pay policies which will be incorporated into the system go through a couple of trial runs. It’s better to implement your time and attendance right the first time. That being said, companies should have a realistic and flexible plan during implementation. Sure expectations can be set in advance but it’s also realistic to expect some slight hiccups in any software deployment. And, when these happen, if you are getting appropriate response from your vendor, that’s when you will know you have selected the right vendor.

Create a Business Strategy
Now that you have invested time and resources in deploying your time and attendance system, you should explore the solution and its other features. Make use of; employee-self-service for time-off requests, opt for job costing if your company bills by projects or utilize the benefits of business intelligence to give you up-to-the-minute updates, that’s valuable to your business operations. Last but not least, make full use of your time and attendance system and its many benefits including, access anywhere, anytime. Use its agility and integrate into your other systems and create a business process flow chart that provides data and information on demand.

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3 Simple Steps That Can Help Businesses Automate Effectively