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Oscar Wilde famously said, “The price of everything, the value of nothing” This quote has been used in many sectors of society to help us understand, that some things which are considered free, cheap or very inexpensive are not worth much in terms of their value. Now, we readily admit that you might find some things in this world that are free or very inexpensive but, there is no guarantee of value.

Raj Patel wrote a great book called “The Value of Nothing”. In this fragile economic climate, customers want to find the best value for their dollar, and so, they should. Some are lured by ads that espouse the virtue of a free time and attendance system, and in some cases, get teaser prices that eventually end up with a system that does not work in accordance their specific needs. More often than not, these inexpensive or very cheap time and attendance solutions barely last a year. We are not suggesting one should go out and break the bank in an effort to deploy their time and attendance solution. What we are merely saying is, if the system is going to meet your needs based on assurances from your potential vendor, (not withstanding due diligence was performed) you should be well on your way to deploying a robust time and attendance system.

 Our time and attendance system is used by a variety of companies, in different industries to record the working hours of employees. Some of our customers, record the number of hours spent on specific tasks by employees for the purpose of labour distribution.  Our time and attendance system enables companies to have full control of employee hours at the supervisor and payroll practitioner’s fingertips.

The ATS Workforce Management Software protects companies from payroll fraud and provides employees with confidence in the accuracy of their paycheques on pay day.

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In the manufacturing sector and related verticals, overtime equalization is quite prevalent. In essence, it is the allocation of overtime hours spread equally to employees in an organization. In companies whose workforce is governed by a collective bargaining agreement, the employee with the most seniority gets to pick overtime hours first. Employees with less seniority get to pick next and so on. Imagine trying to allocate overtime hours in a company with one hundred employees? Next, imagine trying to do it for a company with employees in excess of 500 or more? Attempting to do an equitable distribution of overtime hours using a manual process can be a headache for payroll practitioners, finance and HR management personnel.

The ATS Overtime Equalization module improves the equal allocation of overtime hours, by matching employee availability with overtime needs. ATS Overtime Equalization offers sophisticated business intelligence to provide a window into the areas of workforce performance that matter most to your organization. Our solution highlights overtime offered, refused, accepted, and actual hours worked. ATS Time and Attendance Overtime Equalization functionality highlights the ‘next eligible’ employee for overtime allocation. With this module, supervisors and managers have a concrete and objective way to allocate overtime hours.

ATS Overtime Equalization can also be used as a reward for employees who honour rules for attendance, punctuality, and workplace behavior. When used in conjunction with our time and attendance solution, the ATS Overtime Equalization tool takes away the burden of assigning overtime and provides a fair and equal system for all employees.

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In previous time and attendance blogs, we talked about the importance of companies having an employee time tracking system. On the odd occasion, we have spoken to a company or two who have developed their own time and attendance system. When asked why, the reasons range from, “Someone in our IT department said it was a very easy program to create” so they did it, to “We downloaded a free program online that walked us through the process of tracking our employee time and attendance”. Now, do clothing designers try to make cars as well? If they do, we have not heard of them. In today’s economy, companies are focused on cost containment, employee productivity and profit margins. Deploying a time and attendance system from experts in the field saves money in the short and long term.

The ATS employee time and attendance solution can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Even for small companies, time and attendance systems pay for themselves after the first few months. Our time and attendance systems reduce time sheet auditing and eliminate employee overpayment because employees will not be paid when they take a long break or show-up late to work.

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In surveys conducted by Aberdeen Group, Canadian Payroll Association, American Payroll Association (APA) employee time entry and the maintenance of accurate time and attendance and payroll records remain top priorities for companies of all sizes. The introduction of workforce management software streamlines the payroll process with other key functions such as payroll, business rules and customer satisfaction initiatives. These studies consistently reveal that companies using an automated time and attendance system report significant savings on their labour costs.

Some companies have a remote workforce and need to track the hours and projects that employees work on. ATS Online Time-Sheets is completely web-enabled time and attendance system and utilizes state of the art technology. This web-based solution, allows employees to punch in/out from any computer on the local network or remotely via the internet. The Web-Time system will eliminate the need for a physical time clock, allowing employees the flexibility of punching from their desktop or a remote location, rather than from a fixed time clock location. 

Our Online Time-Sheets allows for supervisors and employees to access the same system with different access privileges.  A supervisor can login to view detailed system information and configuration rules while an employee logs in only with the ability to punch in or out.  These access levels are all user defined, giving the system customizable flexibility depending on your needs. A messaging system also exists within Web-Time to allow supervisors to send messages to employees. 

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 After one of the biggest economic downturns since the 1930s, companies of all size are under  increasing pressure to streamline costs.

Just about every industry suffered some effects of this last recession. Manufacturers and their supply chains face increasing pressure to improve margins and streamline operational efficiency to compete in today’s global marketplace. Labour is the single most expensive resource for manufacturers, which makes improving the way people perform essential in maximizing efficiency and improving the bottom line. Our Workforce Management Software solutions automate timekeeping tasks while reconciling labour data with production information.

ATS time and attendance systems encompass a suite of time and attendance tracking, and employee scheduling, for mid- large employers with complex labour processes and policies. Some organizations have made some improvements through basic timekeeping implementation. However, manufacturers require more sophisticated and integrated workforce management solutions that are mapped to address their most critical labour and production challenges.

Our time and attendance system help companies:

  • Track labour and resources with one system to provide a real time analysis
  • Leverage your data to provide insight about waste and best practices through effective labour reports
  • Effectively schedule and deploy your workforce, improving labour utilization
  • Control labor costs by delivering accurate paycheques and shrinking payroll inflation such as unnecessary overtime
  • Reduce payroll expenses by 1-3%

ATS integrated systems is designed to automate Time and Attendance, Labor Distribution, Human Resources, Scheduling, Job Costing and Shop Floor Data. 

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One of the most common questions we get asked is “Can your system integrate with our payroll or ERP application”. Our answer is always the same. “Yes, it can.” Which is usually followed by, “What is the name of payroll software that you are using.” Most payroll software applications contain an import file that allows it to accept outside information from other databases. Propriety payroll applications are a thing of the past. However, if you are using propriety payroll software, it’s time to look for open source software that will not limit your chances of integrating to other software products

We have an integrated process through which our time and attendance system sends hours electronically (weekly, bi-weekly etc.) to the payroll software without having to key in those hours manually.

Our time and attendance software contains a flexible report integrator that can be used to modify standard reports.  Other data exports may include: General Ledgers, ERP, RFID, MS Applications, Access Control Software Packages, Bi-Directional Interfaces, HRIS, Recruitment, Warehouse and Leave Management Software Programs. Data may also be exported to many spreadsheets and database programs. Here are a few of the packages we currently support.

To find out if we have created an interface to your software application, click here or if you would like to speak to one of our account executives call; 1.866.294.2467.

Companies in Toronto and other parts of the Canadian business landscape are finding out that one sure way to improve the margin between income and expense is to reduce expenses. These companies know that using time sheets and antiquated punch clocks create inefficiencies that can cause extra expense.  

Small companies in Toronto strive to meet many of the same workforce objectives as large enterprises: deploying their people effectively and proactively, paying employees accurately and on time, and measuring and improving the effectiveness of their workforce. The automatic calculations of our time and attendance system is based upon pre-set rules  that can save processing time, creating a more efficient and more accurate reporting environment. Our employee time and attendance system results in reduced overtime pay and can potentially avoid wage theft situations.  

The manual process of reviewing time cards, adding it to spreadsheets and then keying those hours into payroll software is prone to human error and lost of productivity. Our time and attendance system has a built-in metrics that can highlight inconsistencies easily.

Small companies with 20-100 employees, in Toronto, see a return on investment a month after implementing the ATS time tracking software at their organization. Companies in Toronto, with employees between 100-5000 and more see their return on investment in about two weeks after implemention of our time and attendance software.

“Our management team loves the system. Our ATS rep is very professional. He trained and set up our supervisors quite easily. The hardware and software works seamlessly and are both very easy to use with our payroll software”.
N. Rizzo VP of Operations- Dewar Construction Group

Our customers have told us over the years, that the introduction of ATS time and attendance software has reduced employee absence, improve productivity and ultimately, saving their organizations money.

ATS Workforce Management Software suite includes:

Time and Attendance
Workforce Absence Management
Employee Time Clocks
Employee Scheduling

Benefits Accruals

Overtime Equalization

Employee Self-Service Time and Attendance
Time & Attendance Pay Policies
Time Allocation and Job Costing

To read what companies in Toronto and other parts of Canada have to say about our workforce management software solutions go to our website. To learn about our time and attendance return on investment solutions you can contact us by phone at 866.294.2467.


In the manufacturing industry, “Overtime Equalization” is quite common. Companies within this vertical need an automated tool to help them distribute overtime to employees based on established business rules. Businesses need to identify, and take advantage of, every opportunity to reduce time and money spent on administrative tasks. Improving employee time capture is an ideal place to focus your efforts in any organization. Our Time and Attendance System reduces the manual and error prone data collection via time sheets.

 ATS Overtime Equalization offers sophisticated business intelligence to provide a window into the areas of workforce performance that matter most to your organization. Our solution highlights the overtime offered, refused, accepted and actual hours worked. ATS Overtime Equalization functionality highlights the ‘next eligible’ employee for overtime allocation. With this module, supervisors and managers have a concrete and objective way to allocate overtime hours.

Our Overtime Equalization Module provides managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as labour, overtime, and attendance. Real-time alerts notify managers when performance thresholds are breached. This helps prevent labour issues such as excess overtime, budget variances and compliance violations.

ATS Overtime Equalization can also be used as a reward for employees who honour rules for attendance, punctuality, and workplace behavior. The ATS Overtime Equalization tool takes away the burden of assigning overtime and provides a fair and equitable system for all employees.

To download a copy of our Overtime Equalization brochure, click here or to learn more about our time and attendance software go to our website.

In the time and attendance industry, the words, configuration and customization are often used interchangeably.  

It is not uncommon to hear one vendor say, “We will customize our time and attendance solution to match your company’s need.” While another might say, “We will configure our time and attendance software to your specific requirements.” In short, both vendors may very well be saying the same thing.

That being said, customers should seek clarification since “Configuration” of the time and attendance software could mean configuring the system by using the existing business pay policy rules. On the other hand, “Customization” could mean adapting the time and attendance system to your business requirements. The words are used interchangeably and while some companies will charge for customization, others may not. The word “customization” can mean different things to different vendors.

Our time and attendance software provides the functionality and flexibility to support the time management requirements of your organization and delivers “On the Spot” information that helps managers and supervisors control overtime. Our employee time management system tracks labour activities through management leave requests, employee historical information, and employee scheduling.

You can download a copy of our newly created “Configuration or Customization of a Time and Attendance System” by clicking here or to learn more about Apex Time Solutions go to our website

There are a variety of terms used to describe a support agreement after the purchase of a product or service. At Apex Time Solutions, we provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement). SLA is a term often used to describe the contracted delivery time of the service or performance. It is a contract that describes what the service provider is guarantees to deliver to the customer. Our SLA provides a guideline for services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees, warranties and specifies the levels of availability, service, performance and operation.

Apex Time Solutions’ integrated implementation support offers reliable response to technical disruptions and maintains system health and integrity. With this offering, you benefit from insights into ATS solutions and expertise to mitigate risk, while tapping the innovations that ATS continually introduces.

We have a variety of time and attendance software plans that include corporate support—from basic to the most advanced, depending on your needs. You can also upgrade a service plan through an ATS account executive.

 It is one thing to boast about how good you are, it’s another to hear it from one of your customers. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”.  Here is one of our many testimonials:

 “Recently, we ran into problems trying to open the scheduler in our system. Since we are a retail environment, we rely on the scheduling so we can make sure we have the right amount of people when we need them. I received a call at 9:00am from an ATS support representative on Saturday morning a day when ATS offices are usually closed, and in less than an hour, they had the scheduler working for us. I would recommend ATS to any customer looking for a new time management system. Their response time to service is unsurpassed.” E. Erlichman, General Manager-IGA

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