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Rupert Murdoch’s bid for Time Warner sent shockwaves throughout the media business landscape. This bit of news dominated the airwaves and online forums, this past week and while there have been a lot of chatter, permeated with questions its clear one of the reasons has to do with the shifting landscape of how consumers watch their favorite shows. TV has been the dominate force for many years with weekly series, when all of a sudden, it appears that the tide is turning in favor of on-demand shows.

In the last several years, On-Demand Internet streaming companies like Netflix, HBO and Hulu have had cable TV companies screaming in frustration at the success of popular shows like; Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Weeds and countless others that are being watched online by the very customers that were loyal to watching weekly TV series. Why bother waiting for next week when you can watch three episodes in one night? Many analysts and industry executives are predicting, Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox conglomerate will not give up in its pursuit of Time Warner for a host of profitable reasons among others.

Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

The world of time and attendance has gone through a similar transformation. Many of today’s companies are now choosing to utilize cloud-based time tracking over an on-premises solution. And with ATS TimeWork On-Demand software scalability, faster ROI and quick implementation, its no wonder many companies are embracing the many advantages that cloud computing affords.

ATS TimeWork On-Demand provides the next generation workforce management solution that includes, large screen display time clocks, an easy-to-use software interface, with HR capabilities, business intelligence and host of other features that will make your spreadsheets and the 23 year and antiquated punch clocks obsolete.

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