Best-in-Class Workforce Management Software from Industry Experts

While there is no doubt that implementation and support tops the list for many companies who experience woes with their software, proper configuration should top that list as well.

Here are the top 5 items to pay attention to ahead of your implementation:

Documentation – Make a list your business challenges for your new workforce management system, including: overtime, benefit accruals, attendance management and these should all tie into your company’s corporate business objectives.

Easy does it- If a large portion of your employees are in production, start there first and keep it simple. A rapid return on investment (ROI) will come from your web-based time and attendance when the implementation is done in meaningful phases.

Review the implementation plan-Do not be discouraged if the pay categories and premiums are not working in accordance with your company’s policy. This is the perfect time to review and keep tweaking. Take the long view and remember the solution is designed to last for a many years.

Track and measure – If you are coming from a paper-based environment track the amount of time it takes to capture and calculate employee data against your previous manual process. Next measure the impact the solution has on the productivity of your business -you will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits.

Prepare operational managers for adoption of the application– while “train the trainer” is a good way to cut costs, training should never be underestimated. In fact, training is as important as implementation and after sales support. The best way to make full use of training is to use it in small blocks. In that way, information will be retained, resulting in higher user adoption of the system.

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